Integration Spotlight: Aravo Solutions

Unlock the Power of DiligenAI within Aravo: A Partnership for Enhanced Third-Party Risk Management

Threat.Digital's DiligenAI solution is now integrated into Aravo's TPRM Platform
Threat.Digital's DiligenAI solution is now integrated into Aravo

At Threat.Digital, we're pleased to announce our integration with Aravo Solutions, a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for third-party risk and resilience. Together, we're enhancing the landscape of risk management by integrating our DiligenAI service into Aravo's platform.

Aravo is well-known for its expertise in managing third-party risks, offering comprehensive solutions to organizations worldwide. Their commitment to innovation and client satisfaction aligns well with our mission at Threat.Digital—to equip businesses with advanced risk management tools.

Through the integration of DiligenAI into Aravo's platform, we're improving the capabilities of their Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC) and third-party risk solutions. By utilizing DiligenAI's adverse media screening capabilities, Aravo clients can now identify negative news and risk data more efficiently.

Our DiligenAI solution searches through a wider range of information compared to traditional solutions, including several types of information not found in those checks. We then use large language models (AI) to provide users with summarized results, enabling organizations to focus on the most relevant information and save time and resources. Our service condenses relevant information into concise summaries, enabling organizations to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Together, we offer Aravo clients a smooth integration experience, leveraging Aravo's modular approach for rapid implementation. Whether you're a large enterprise managing complex supply chains or a mid-sized organization navigating regulatory requirements, our solution seamlessly fits into your existing risk management framework.

Join us in embracing the future of third-party risk management. With Aravo and DiligenAI, you can enhance your risk management practices, meet regulatory obligations, and effectively safeguard your organization's reputation.

Ready to optimize your third-party risk management strategy? Contact us today to learn more about how Aravo's DiligenAI integration can enhance your compliance program.